Doing Business with the Film Industry

Become the Caterer for a Movie Set

The staff who work on film sets have long hours. Their day is typically 16 hours a day and six days a week. The film shoot can either be happening on a soundstage or on location. Because the hours are so long and everyone is so busy usually the film crew does not have time to leave and get lunch or dinner so they hire a caterer for the movie set. There are two different types of food services that happens on a film set.

Types of Catering Service

One is a catering service that handles the meals that are served at least two times a day. Then there is the crafts services and they handle the food for those who do not have time to sit down for a meal like the costume department, makeup artists, lighting crew, camera grew, and grips. Caterers also often bring in appetizers that have been artfully arranged for the crew to munch on while working.

Currently being a caterer for a movie set is a hot job especially in places like Los Angeles where there are lots of movies being made. It is a fairly easy task and is a high paying job. You just need to get some insiders to the movie industry to help hire you or you can advertise. I would suggest using social networking to advertise your catering service for the movie industry.

Getting Started

I suggest you create a logo for your company. You can easily hire someone from Upwork for a great price to create your logo. Once you have your logo, take some pictures of the food you will be serving. Movie industries love to hire caterers with artful food designs so make sure to stage your food and take pictures of it on your own or you can hire someone from Craigslist to take the pictures for you. Afterwards start a Facebook fan page and upload your photos.

Then I would suggest creating a short movie about your catering company. Upload that movie into YouTube and share the link on your new Facebook fan page. When you create a short movie about your company, you are telling prospective customers about who you are so make sure to dress appropriately and make sure to showcase your beautifully crafted appetizers so everyone can see why you are the one they should hire.  Here is how to create a promotional video.

Once you have a Facebook fan page and a Youtube video, I would suggest creating a WordPress blog and updating the blog regularly. Blogging will allow you to stand out from the rest and let your prospective customers know that you know how to cater. You can post your food photos and videos on there as well.

If you love food and the movie industry why not consider becoming a caterer for the movie industry. It is a fun job and you will be well rewarded. Social networking is all the buzz right now so make sure to take advantage of this free platform to advertise your business.