Doing Business with the Film Industry

Expanding Your Hair Salon Business to a Movie Set

By expanding your hair salon business to a movie set you can enjoy working with movie stars and having celebrities among your customers. The hairdressing in the television or film industry takes care of various tasks such as arranging and styling the hair of artists and actors for the camera. This can offer you the opportunity of enhancing your skill set and opening your perspective on how shapes and colors are used in the movie industry. Becoming the hairdresser for a movie location allows you expanding your creativity and applying your ideas about hair styles and designs.

The Difference Between a Movie Set and a Salon

If you consider expanding your hair salon business to a movie location you have to be aware of the fact that being a hairdresser in the film industry could be very different to working in a regular salon. Based on the style of the movie production, could be required different techniques. As the hairdresser on a movie set, you may work with the Director and the Production Designer to decide on looks and hair styles better matching the production. In case that it is a historical themed production, you would have to research the type and style of hairdressing of that era.

In the film industry, the hairdresser studies the script in order to determine the production’s requirements in matters of hair style. Then, the hairdresser is ordering stocks required. When the shooting begins, the hairdresser work entails coloring, shampooing, and styling the hair of actors, as well as spraying and combing the hair between takes. It may also include dressing the special effects, toupees and wigs as required.

Working with Wigs

The hairdresser with a hair salon business opened in a movie location has to take into consideration any special needs or allergies of actors. A hair stylist in the film industry must be experienced in working with wigs, be fully qualified, and be capable to style in both period and modern styles. As a hairdresser working on a movie location you may expect working on irregular hours.

If you consider expanding your hair salon business to a movie set, take into consideration the fact that you would need to have the following skills in order to succeed:

  • Skills in waving, cutting, coloring, straightening, perming, braiding, applying extensions, setting, shaving
  • Experience in dressing, setting, altering, and applying hairpieces and wigs
  • Have good diplomacy and communication skills
  • Have good presentation skills
  • Have good organizational skills
  • Be a creative person
  • Have good understating of contemporary look as well as period hair styles
  • Have a good understanding of scripts’ hair plots